If it doesn’t feed your hair or your soul, let it go.

So how do we integrate this mantra to our way of life and more importantly our way “to hair”? By letting go of negative and harmful ingredients. Here at DE professional hair care, we base our entire line on bringing out the healthiest version of your hair using only organic, back to nature elements. Developed by an actual stylist and colorist (not some chemist in a lab coat) giving your hair the life it deserves is the foundation of our company. As David Ezra himself would say “so gentle you could use it on your face” and not as a last resort, no body wash left in the shower type deal, we are actually good for your skin too!

Have you been settling for less than your hair deserves? Do your current products

  • Have a confusing ingredient list longer than your locks?
  • Treat only one issue, leaving you to use 7 other products?
  • Have parabens and sulfates lurking in their label?

We are here to help!

  • Simple ingredients with most of our products sharing our trusted friend Aloe Vera.
  • Organic, vegan based and cruelty free (we love our animal friends too!)
  • Targeted lines for specific hair concerns that address multiple issues.
  • Not only Keratin and color safe, but color extending! Helping our blondes avoid the dreaded brass and keeping our color queens vibrant for weeks.

Enough about us, we’d love to hear about you! Whether you’re an at home hair guru, or a provider of hair love, we are here to answer any of your questions. If you’re still not convinced, come into our flagship store in Wayne NJ and experience our hair philosophy for yourself. Enjoy a complimentary shampoo service and start letting go of the negative today.

Meet The Creator

David Ezra has been the master stylist & colorist at David Ezra Salon & Spa for over 30 years. It is his  dedication to the beauty industry that led him to create DE Professional Hair care. He discovered that the use of  chemicals in shampoos and styling products interfered with hair coloring services. It was that discovery that made him derive a product line that was was environmentally safe, chemical -free, and hair-friendly! David quickly noticed when clients used DE Professional Haircare during their at-home care regimen, they'd came back and the hair was beautiful, no fading, no brassiness and it stayed exactly the same as when they left the salon. Ever since then, David & his talented team of hair artists have not turned back! 

DE David Ezra Pro Haircare started with one goal...

... to create a product line with the environment and health as the main priority. The DE Professional Haircare line is made with organically derived ingredients that will have your hair looking and feeling healthy in as little as a week. Our formulations are 100% free of parabens, sulfates, sulfate derivatives, harsh detergents, fillers, animal derived ingredients, phosphates, or any other dangerous substitutes. Each product is enriched with nature's finest ingredients, including certified organic aloe vera, avocado oil, calendulla extract, burdock root, colts foot herb, and more.