How Do YOU Shampoo?!

You may not think you need instructions on how to shampoo your hair, but there is a proper technique to it.

You must emulsify the shampoo before applying it to thoroughly wet hair and scalp and massage throughout , then rinse with lukewarm water. Repeat, only this time deposit the lather onto the hair and concentrate on the nape, which is often neglected.

Avoid twisting the hair and rinse with the hairline well. Squeeze the water gently out of your hair before applying the conditioner-- otherwise you are diluting its effect.

Combing it through with a wide tooth comb helps evenly distribute products and a final cool rinse will give you great results! Find the perfect shampoo for your hair type:

Unruly, Frizzy Hair: Daily Smoothing

Fine, Thin Hair: Swell & Thicken 

All Hair Types: Hydrate & Repair


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